What To Do When You Hate Your Job

hmjThey don’t call it work because it is fun. Work is something we all do, it is a necessary evil for most and a total joy for some. If you are one of the 20% who love your job and what you do for a living, be thankful. For the other 80% of you reading this, know that there is a way out of the situation you are in now…but you have to take action to make it happen.

For the last 23 years I have been employed with the same company. The first 16 years were a joy, I loved my job and what I did. Oh sure, there were up’s and down’s but for the most part I loved it. I felt appreciated and was rewarded well for my hard work.

The last seven years however, have not been so great and the last four have been absolutely dreadful. The transition came when there was a change in management. Goes to prove, that your job is really more about the people you work with and for rather than the job you do.

Two years after the management change I knew things were going downhill and I started making my exist plan.

Don’t Just Quit Have A Plan

On many occasions I have had the desire to just quit. I don’t mean I would walk out, I mean submitting my two week notice, never just walk out, remember, your current employer may have to give you a reference in the future, you don’t want to burn a bridge regardless of how incompetent they are.

Start your exit plan.

  • Start by looking to transfer within your current company, you will get to keep your benefits, accrued time off and any other perks you may have such as indoor parking. You may have to take a decrease in pay and that is something you need to consider based on the situation you are in and way that with keeping your current benefits.
  • Get your resume updated and start sending it out. Start reconnecting with old contacts and friends reach out to see what is available outside the company.
  • Be sure your LinkedIn page is up-to-date and that your resume has a link to it. Many if not most perspective employers look at LinkedIn first before resumes.
  • Practice interviewing. Work with a friend or family member to do mock interview with you or stand in front of a mirror and interview yourself.

Self-Employment Entrepreneur

If you have a passion for something, this may the time to start planning your exit from the rat race and become your own boss. This is the path I have decided to take. Just know, this path is not a fast one to take. It will take patience, you will have to deal with the situation you are in much longer than if you went to a new position as starting up your own business will take, in most cases, years to start bringing in enough income that you can live on and replace your current salary.

Remember too, you will be starting your own business on a part time basis because you will still be working at a job you dislike. It will be a challenge and if you have a high end career such as myself, the paying job will take priority over working on your own self-employment venture.

Understand It Won’t Be Easy

You have to realize that working a full-time job and a part-time job is hard, but, working a full-time job while attempting to startup your own business will be very difficult and will require dedication and much sacrifice and that sacrifice may be time away from family, friends and fun time for a year or two.

Put your mindset in a place of your end goal and understand you will have to suck it up at the job you hate until you start to bring in enough income to replace your living expenses, don’t forget, you will have to make enough money from your own company to replace your income for your current living expenses, plus health and disability insurance, which will be costly.

Could Take Years

It could take years, for me, this is what my journey has looked like:

  • Once I realized the new structure was less than ideal, I started looked for a job inside the company. Much to my surprise, the entire company was changing and I realized the situation would be no better in another department than in my own.
  • At the same time, I began looking for a position in another company, but I felt that even though it would be the easiest way to get out of my current situation to gain immediate income somewhere else, I would not really be much happier. You see, most companies are pretty much the same, there are usually people at the top making decisions on things they know nothing about. Causing life to be unorganized and unreasonably busy for the staff the manager (in this case I won’t use the word lead, but cause most companies do not have leaders)
  • I have a dream and desire to be my own boss. It took me nearly four years to figure that out in my current situation of being unhappy in my current job. My current job had me so frustrated that I was blinded and even a bit deflated to really focus on what it was that I wanted. I had to take a step back and look in from the outside to realize it.

Move Forward

Once I realized I wanted and needed to be my own boss, I created my plan. My plan included increasing my savings, building up my equipment for my home office and doing a lot of hard work after working 10 hours days.

It won’t happen overnight and as much as you will be impatient at times, realize that every step forward in meeting your goal is a step away from the situation you are in.

While Executing Your Plan

You will get discouraged, you will want to give up. There will be times that you will tell yourself “it isn’t so bad here, maybe I will just stay” but after a few months, you will find yourself frustrated all over again.

Once you make your plan, stick with it! Don’t bounce back and forth, as much as you will want to, once you make your plan to leave, stick with your plan. During that process, do the following:

Be Thankful

Be thankful you are still employed and able to be in a job you hate. There are many who are unemployed, you are very lucky you have a job, even if you hate it, you are getting pain now.

Work Hard

Focus on your current job just as much as you did when you first loved it. It is difficult to put your effort into a job you hate, but it is so important to do so. First you don’t want to get fired in the middle of your plan to leave. Second it is the right thing to do, Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.” Focus that your work is a reflection of your beliefs.


You will not be able to take this journey alone, you will have to pray and ask the good Lord to guide your steps, give you strength, focus, and encouragement.

Exercise & Eat Healthy

You will be tired and want to sleep. My recommendation is that you exercise, make sure you check with your doctor first however and if he says you are in good health exercise. Be it walking, weight lifting, running, yoga, whatever it is, do something for yourself, get the oxygen flowing to your brain it will help.

Focus on your diet, eat right, healthy, cut out sugar, caffeine, smoking. Clean up your body so you have as much advantage as possible. This will also help you function in the job you hate during this transition.

Be the 20%

As you go through the phases of leaving your current job, working hard to get to a job where you are your own boss, or even to a new job you love, realize you will then be part of the 20%.

You are heard it said, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. This is true, when you work on and with something you are passionate about, it isn’t work anymore.

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