Reduce Work Stress Look In From The Outside

Have you ever had a day at work that stresses you out?  Stress you so much that you end up taking it home with you?  So much stress that you end up dreading your next day at work?

First, let’s consider why you get stressed at work. It’s because you care.  You care about doing a good job.  You care about insuring the company is prosperous.  You care about your team.  Another reason why you may get so stressed is because you want to be in control of the situation at hand.  Many times stress is caused by a loss of control.  Let me assure you, unless you are your own boss, you really don’t have much control at work.

As you start this new work week, take a new approach regarding how you look at your work.

Instead of getting totally wrapped up emotionally in your job, try to look at the situation from the outside in. Now I am not saying stop caring, I am just saying put a little bit of distance between yourself and the things you can’t control.

We all know taking a deep breath can decrease stress.  Well, taking a step back from a situation can reduce stress even more so than a deep breath.

Remember Why You Are At Work

Don’t forget why you are there.  You work to make money to provide for your family.  To pay off your debt.  Focus your emotional energy on your family, friends and the things that really matter in your life. A job is nothing more than a small stepping stone when you look at your whole life picture.  You work to live not live to work.

Consider the Importance of the Situation

Look at the situation that is getting you stressed out, take a step back and consider how you will look at the same situation six months or even a year from now.  Chances are you will think it was a minor incident or you may not remember it at all.  Now if the situation isn’t going to be important enough to stress out about if you look back at it, it certainly isn’t worth getting all worked up about it in the moment.

Give It A Try

Yes, I know what I am saying will be very difficult to implement.  All I ask is that you try to look at your work situation as well as your day to day duties from the outside in for at least a month.  See if after one month of distancing yourself emotionally from your JOB you feel better and less stressed at work.

Take that emotional energy that would become negative at work and turn it into positive emotional energy at home, use that energy to enjoy your family.  Get to know your husband or wife again.

Stress at work is carried home.  If you can reduce or eliminate how you get stressed at work, you just might be surprised how life gets better at home.

Christian Stress Management

In addition to the above suggestions I highly recommend the book titled God in our Stress: The Christian’s Guide to Stress Management. It is written by James Klotzle who is a Christian life coach.  This is a wonderful self-help book for effective stress management.

Start This Week

Don’t put it off, start tomorrow start this new week, the day after Labor Day fresh with a new attitude!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about looking at work from the outside in.