Quit My Job or Not?

cbWhen I was raised, I was taught to always be able to take care of myself. Not to rely on a man for financial support. I took that teaching to heart and ensured that I was always able to take care of myself financially. I went to college, had several great jobs that paid very well.


At one point in my life I went stupid and got into debt. Debt made sure that I had to work a traditional job. Debt made sure that I worked hard every year to prove myself to an employer so I could get a raise each year. Debt put money blinders on me which eventually turned into permanent fixtures in my brain that reinforced to me the need to work a traditional job. It was stable, provided consistent income as well as health insurance.

Thank goodness I recovered from stupid and got out of debt, however, I still had branded on my brain that I must work a traditional job to ensure I can take care of myself financially. When I was raised it was a time prior to the internet. It was a time in college and at work where it was implied, that if you work hard and are loyal to the company they will take care of you for a good 30 years and then you can retire with a nice pension.   That time no longer exists.

Companies Are Not Loyal

Now there is the internet, companies are no longer loyal (if they ever really were) and pensions for the most part don’t exist anymore. It is a time where working at a traditional job is not in your best interest, actually, it never was, it was just safer than starting your own business, or so we thought.

As I wake up every day I struggle as to why I am so unhappy to go to that traditional job, be stuck in a cube for eight hours a day or more, sitting at my desk, looking out the window at freedom. Work in a traditional job is nothing more than a “life release program”. Think about it, there are some who are in jail, and they are released every day to go to a job, it is called a “work release program”, at the end of their work day, they have to go back to jail. Well, working a traditional job, is just that in the opposite, we live our life, enjoy our family on the weekends and in the evenings only to be released from life to go to work, at the end of the day we get to return to our life. That is not how it is supposed to be.

Making Money Online

For years I have working on this and other blogs on and off. I have a coaching business on the side that I can’t focus enough time on because of my traditional job. I enjoy the blogs, I enjoy coaching, I don’t enjoy the traditional job. So why do I stay? It is how I was raised, it is the safe and responsible thing to do.

Life is short, and as much as it is important to be responsible, ensure that you have a income to support your family and meet your bills, it is just as important to be happy.

Beginning this second part of the year I will be transitioning to a new position at the traditional job, one that will give me more time to focus my efforts on my true passion of blogging, coaching, mentoring and helping others. One that will allow me to enjoy my family and friends rather than come home in the evening too tired to think.

As much as I would like to cut the cord and make a clean break from my traditional job, I don’t think it would be responsible until I at least make as much at blogging as I do from the traditional job, I figure in two years if not sooner.

Professional Blogger

Even though I am not blogging full time or on a regular basis, I still wake up every morning and find that I made money while I was sleeping. So imagine if I, or even you, started working on that internet business full time, or even on a regular basis. It would bring in enough money to meet your needs and then some.

Some may say that I don’t need that much money to survive…you are totally correct! Leaving the traditional job will require me to pay for my health insurance in full, that is an added expense. It will require me to pay for my disability insurance, which is required for anyone who is the responsible bread winner. So you have to calculate all that into the mix when leaving a full time traditional job.

What about you? Are you in the same position I am in? Are you in a “life release program”? Share with me your comments and thoughts. It’s time to put a plan in place and make some responsible changes. It’s time to live a happy life, not one where you are trapped in a cube all day. It’s time to have the freedom to say I’m not going to work today but not have to ask permission or tell anyone.  It’s time to go to bed at night and make money while you are sleeping. This is what having an internet, blogging type business can do for you.