Keeping Up Appearances Part 2

Have you ever wondered why you were in debt?  Sure the simple answer is because you spend more than you make.  Have you ever considered that you are in debt because you are trying to find your identity.  You are searching for yourself in “stuff”.  You think that if you have lots of stuff the stuff will define who you are.  Except it doesn’t work that way.  Instead of finding your identity, what you are really doing hiding behind stuff.

If you are immersed  in your stuff and the debt that stuff causes you won’t find the time to look inward at yourself and your relationships, particularly your relationship with Christ.  Debt is a sign that you are living in this world and that you are living outside of Christ.

Your actions are a sign of  what you truly believe.  When you are in debt your actions show you are worshiping and serving “stuff” rather than the Creator.  Instead of worshiping debt and the stuff that causes it, why not start living real.  Live within your means instead of keeping up appearances.

So if your actions are a sign of what you believe in and you are in debt, does that not show that you believe in this world rather than believing and trusting in Christ to meet your daily needs?  Needs, not wants.  It you place trust in Christ He will supply your needs, don’t get me wrong, you can’t just sit home and wait for the check to show up in the mail, you have to get up and take action.  What action will you take?  Your behavior will follow your beliefs.

Your actions will speak louder than your words.  You see the more secure and trusting you are in Christ the less you will feel the need to buy “stuff” you don’t need.  The less you will want to keep up an appearance to impress someone.  Your actions will show what you truly believe in.  Do you want that to be this world or Christ?

There is a better way to live than buying your way to an appearance of success and happiness.  True happiness, security and significance is found in Christ alone.  Money and things will never fulfill you no matter how much you work the more you get the more headaches you have.  You will be empty on the inside.  You will have an emptiness that only Christ can fill.

You are not defined by what you have, where you live, what you wear or drive.  Your are who God says you are.