It’s Not All About Money

As you know I use to be in debt.  Actually, right out of college I got into debt it was a small amount but it was debt.  I paid it all off and I was debt free…for a very short period of time until I started using credit cards again.  Then I got into BIG debt, I owed tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards.

From 1986 to roughly 1998 I lived in and with debt.  I avoided answering the phone knowing it was most likely a bill collector.  I sometimes didn’t even open my mail…what was the point it was just bills.

It wasn’t until 1993 or so that I realized just how much debt I had when I attempted to buy a home and was turned down for a mortgage due to my debt to income ratio.  That is when I accepted what I already knew deep down inside, my debt had nothing to do with money.

My debt was due to my behavior not due to my lack of money.  I rationalized my spending by telling myself “the credit card company wouldn’t have sent me a credit card if they though I couldn’t afford it”  the other self talk I told myself was “I work hard I deserve to get what I want when I want it.”  Have you ever said that do yourself?

No it wasn’t about money, I made good money.  It was about how I spent that money.  It was about my attitude toward money.  My behavior.  Money didn’t come into play until I was trying to pay off my debt, and even then, it was a small part.

Sound familiar?  You may be in a similar position with a similar mind set.  You can get out of debt it just takes a change in behavior.  For me, I made a drastic change, I stopped spending. Every dime I made went to pay down my debt.  I started in 1993, by 1996 I had paid down enough to purchase my first home. By 2005, all my debt was paid off including my mortgage, I was 100% debt free.

There is nothing like living debt free.  You can be debt free because it isn’t all about money, it is primarily about behavior.

Be honest with yourself, look deep inside and see what your behavior is, see how you look at money, and the stress being in debt is bringing to your life and effecting your family. Realize that debt is really not all about money.

Author: Kim ~

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