How To End Your Groundhog Day Job

groundhogThe majority of you live a life filled with routines. You get up, brush your teeth, get dressed, get the kids up and dressed, eat breakfast, go to work at a job that the majority of you don’t like, then go home, eat dinner, put the kids to bed, go to bed and start all over again the next day. It is like you are living in ground hog day.

Since the majority of you are working a job you don’t like, or may even hate, chances are you are bringing stress and aggravation back to your home life. With that said, it only makes sense that if you improve your work life, the life that you live at eight or more hours a day, then your home life will improve as well.

Ending Groundhog Day

So you have a job that you don’t like, or even hate. It is the same old thing everyday, you boss is a jerk to you. He doesn’t utilize you for the talent that you have to offer. You have skills that are getting stale and you are miserable.

You start to feel that you are not useful or successful. It is not true though. Sadly, over achievers who work in a dysfunctional environment are many times pushed down because your talent is a threat to those around you most likely your manager. You can’t fix people like that. You can fix you.

Dysfunctional employers tend to move bar of success so you never seem to meet the success you feel you deserve. You do a good job, they give you a “kudo” and then expect you to do more next time before you get another “good job”. When you get that, the bar is raised and after a point, you never feel that you are good enough, that you are not being successful and therefore you are not happy.

So what do you do about it? Well you could of course start looking for a new job, and ultimately that may be the best solution. You could actually start your own company and be your own boss, an even better choice. What if you try to change how you look at things?

Success isn’t what makes you happy, it is happiness that makes you successful.

Check out this Ted talk from Harvard trained positive psychologist Shawn Achor. Then practice his technique of doing something positive for two minutes a day for 21-days. See if your attitude changes to a positive direction and in turn you become happier, you will also feel more successful at work, breaking the Groundhog day routine.

Then see if you bring that happiness and success back home with you. If you are happier at work, you will bring that positive attitude home and then home life will be successful as well.

Come back here in 21 days and let us know how it worked for you.