How To Be Financially Successful

You are most likely visiting this blog because you are in a money mess right now or soon will be.  Perhaps your money is under control but your son or daughter is having some money problems. Fear not, you are not alone and all money problems can be corrected, regardless of income.

You see, money problems is not at all about how much you make.  Let me repeat that, money problems are not at all about how much you make.  The problems occur by how you handle the money you make.

Those who will be successful with money will keep reading and watch the video.  I suspect many have just tune out and clicked away from this site and will continue to have a money mess on their hands.  You see, most people are looking for a “quick fix” to their money problems.  The facts are there is no quick fix to a money mess.

Getting out of a money mess, becoming debt free and being financially successful is a slow, consistent process.

As you know, I have been trained and certified by one of the best financial experts in the business, Dave Ramsey.  My coaching, blogs, and forums all will represent the same proven money management principles that he teaches and talks about on his radio and TV programs.

This site is a wealth of FREE information to help  you get out of debt and be successful with money, all you have to do is make the decision to change your life, work at it and continue to read blogs  & books  from people who have been through what you are going through and have come out on the other side debt free.

So who am I to be blogging about being successful with money?  Is it because I have been trained by Dave?  No, it is because I was once in debt.  Big time debt.  All credit cards and car debt and I had NOTHING to show for it.  I didn’t own a home I rented an apartment.  I didn’t own a car, the bank did.  Oh sure, I had “stuff” but looking back, all that “stuff” is long gone, out dated broken and in the trash years ago.

Once I made my mind up to change my behavior, basically grow up and become a responsible human being who can contribute to society rather than be yet another part of the problem is when my financial picture turned around.

With all that said I wanted to lay the ground work becoming debt free and being financially successful. The best way to explain this is to have the expert himself, so visiting via video here is Dave Ramsey.

Please listen carefully to what he has to say, what he will be discussing is something that you CAN do.

So you have heard Dave talk about the behavior and the baby steps, like he said you can walk around the world with just one step at a time. You get out of debt and become financially successful the same way.

Are you ready to change your financial life and future as well as that of your kids and grand kids?  Time to stop worrying about money
and start living life. You can start today, go to the library and check out The Total Money Makeover, it is a fantastic book, that will get you started toward financial success….if that is what you want.

Go ahead, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  You can do it!