Get Rich By Educating Yourself

meBecoming wealthy is not about the amount of money you make.

Stop laughing, it is true, as soon as you stop thinking you are going to gain wealth by making more then the quicker you will gain wealth.

You get rich from educating yourself. You must learn how to manage your money, discipline yourself with money, learn how to invest your money.

Education is the key to becoming wealthy. Now I can guarantee if you have a loser type thought process you just tuned out and probably left this page. That is why 90% of America is poor and/or living paycheck to paycheck….most people are lazy and don’t want to learn.

Face it, we all want that pie in the sky idea of the “get rich quick” solution. One tenth of one percent of people stumble onto that quick solution. Of those that do “get rich quick” say the lottery winner, historically loose all there winnings within 3 to 5 years if not sooner because they were not educated in how to handle the money.

If you can’t manage $20,000 a year, how can you expect to know how to manage a win-fall of $500,000 a year? You just can’t. Also, if you “think” you know everything there is to know about money, you are lying to yourself. Nobody knows everything about any one topic. Sure, some of us are smarter about certain topics than others, but we all have room to learn regardless of the topic. As soon as you get arrogant about your knowledge on any one topic, that is a good sign that you are really ignorant and getting lazy.

So, if you are still reading then I owe it to you to give you some of my recommendations of ways to gain education about how to handle money and become wealthy. Now this is just a select few, and as I blog through the days and weeks ahead I will continually add more, it is a never ending list.

Of course, being a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor I am going to recommend Dave’s book The Total Money Makeover  a great book for the beginner who is in debt and needs an idea of where to start to learn how to get out of debt

Another great read is Larry Winget’s Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life  I love this book, it is an in your face reality check. If the book makes you mad, great, that means you are reading it, and it is touching a nerve. It is all about some good old tough love, and I believe in tough love. You have to focuses on handling yourself, after all, you have to be able to handle yourself before you can begin to handle money.

You have to learn how to think, if you say to yourself “I can’t afford it” you have just turned off your is a defeatist thought. Instead, focus on “how can I afford it” this get your mind’s creative juices flowing and opens your eyes to money making possibilities.
Education is worthless if you don’t put what you learn into practice. It is easy to become a lifetime student, reading and learning for years, but it won’t help you unless you get past the fear, get off the couch and put what you learn into practice. Make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and move forward