Financial Funk

Have you ever gotten discouraged over your finances?  The lack of money you make?  The amount of debt you have?  If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

What would cause a financial funk?  Could be you lost your job. Maybe you are in a job you don’t like and feel trapped due to your financial responsibilities.  Maybe you have slipped a bit paying off your debt and increased your debt due to a compulsive buy.  Or maybe you just are discourage because it is taking so long to reach your financial goals.

A financial funk is good from time to time, it helps motivate you to make a change and/or stay focused on your goals.

Here are three tips on getting out of that financial funk.

Change your thought process

Usually a financial funk is caused by negative thinking, think positive, be positive.

Yes, it’s easier said than done “especially in the middle of a funk or if your already a bit of a pessimist.”

Whenever you think “I can’t” or “it won’t” work out, retrain your mind and turn that negative thought into a positive self talk statement.   Don’t tell yourself what you can’t do, tell yourself “I can do this.”  Show yourself examples of how you have already succeeded.  Turn the negative talk into positive talk.

Motivate yourself by writing out your goal of the first thing you will do when you are debt free.  If you are married, sit with your spouse and have each of you share your dream vacation, then write out a time-line of when you want to go on that vacation.  Pump yourselves up, help each other stay focused on a goal,  stay positive to meet the goal.

One thing is for sure, if you dwell on all the odds that are against you instead of the positive things that are ahead of you, you are setting yourself up for failure. Don’t focus on the negative, focus on the positive and figure out a way to achieve.  There is ALWAYS a way to meet a positive if you are motivated to do so.

Help Others

This is so important. Regardless of the situation you are in, help others.  For sure there is someone you know in a worse situation.  Help them by sharing how you were in a similar situation that they are in right now.  Tell them about your successes.  Share with them your mistakes and how you learned from those as well.

Become an accountability partner’s with each other.  Too much of society today encourages secrecy.  You may look at your friend thinking they have it all together and they may be looking at you the same way.  You just might be very surprised to discover you are both in the same situation financially.

Hearing that someone else is in a similar or maybe even a worse situation than you can be very motivating.  It always helps to know you are not going it alone.

The stories of others is a great motivator to turn negatives into positives. Why do you think the Dave Ramsey show is so popular?  It’s because people just like you call in and share their story.  Sure they here Dave’s no nonsense advise, but they also here other people just like you scream each Friday “I’M DEBT FREEEEEEE!”

Dave does that because it is motivating to others.  You can do the same with your friends, help each other by sharing your stories.

Change Is Good

There are two things I can guarantee.

One: If you don’t change your behavior and/or change your spending habits, you will continue to be in debt, your financial funk will get deeper and deeper.  You will stop caring and you will give up.

Two: If you take a positive approach, take action, make a change in your spending behavior, start saving a little bit each month, make a budget and stick by it,  you WILL get out of your financial funk.  You will begin to see progress.

Just saying you have a goal won’t do it, you must take action to achieve that goal.

Just paying for a money management coach and not following your plan will not change your financial outlook.

Just like you can’t lose weight just because you say “I want to lose weight”  you can’t get out of debt just by talking about it.

You must make a change, take action, be positive.  Set small attainable goals so you have small successes.  Then start stretching yourself with bigger goals.  Focus on your end result.  You CAN do it if you want it bad enough.

How bad do you want to get out of your financial funk?