Buy A Memory Not Stuff

hbrThanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner. The craziness of shopping has begun. So many are focused on the deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Why? What happened?

In some cases Thanksgiving didn’t even get half way started and people either had to leave the family gathering to go work selling retail or get in line to start shopping for retail. What happened to Thanksgiving?

What happened to people, to life and why is everything so focused on stuff and spending money just to get a deal on something they or someone else doesn’t need or want?

Society has become focused on stuff rather than focused on people. We all have our heads in technology and the TV all of which is telling us about what you need, your kids need, or someone else needs.  We are letting total strangers control our thoughts and spending. Most of the items that are bought are broken or outdated in a matter of months and end up sitting in a corner somewhere.

Here is a thought, for Christmas this year why not buy that special someone something that matters. Don’t buy the latest techno gadget, or new toy, but rather buy a memory or education, something that will last.

For example, this year I am buying my best friend horseback riding. We have known each other since high school, and for years have bought each other “stuff” that I can’t even remember. I thought this year I would buy something that one, gets us both out into nature, and two builds a memory of something fun. We both are in our 50’s and she was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, funny how time and life makes you rethink priorities. Why wait for that to happen, start rethinking your priorities now, regardless of how old you are and what your health is.

Another example, for my parents I am buying each of them a good devotional book. Something that I can write a special note in and something they can read each day to help them build their relationship with Christ.  After all, that is what really matters in life, is who we are and how we know our Creator.

So for the remainder of this year, and for a good start into 2015, why not focus on people and memories, rather than the shallow end of society and stuff.  You will find that you will spend less, but be rewarded with more than you imagine.