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hotlogic miniA great way to save money is by taking your lunch to work. Sometimes it is a sandwich, many times it is left overs from last nights dinner and then there are times it is a frozen dinner. Whatever it is, it is a great way to save money and eat healthier.

Saving money and eating healthier is sometimes not a great experience when you have to heat up your meal in the company’s community microwave.  You know what I am talking about, first, you wait in line, if it is high noon, it could be a long line. When it is your turn, you open the microwave door only to be blasted with the scent of the nastiness of what the last 10+ people were heating up.  Then you look inside, spilled soap, crusty cook on over spill from those who went before you but didn’t clean up their mess. Yuk!

Yes, I know because I did this for years. Then there were times that I didn’t bring my lunch either because I didn’t have time to bring it, or I just couldn’t stomach that microwave experience.  Enter the HotLogic Mini portable oven.

This thing is fantastic! Basically, it is a hot plate in a lunch box. They call it a portable oven, but I would not consider it an oven at all, it is more a hot plate. All the pictures on this page are of my own personal HotLogic Mini.  I chose the black one but it also comes in blue, orange and green.

On the days that I go into an office, I use it for a full vegetarian meal and fix it up the night before in a Pyrex 6 cup rectangular dish.  In the lunchmorning I pull it out of the refrigerator, put it in the HotLogic Mini and head of to the office. Now here is where the magic happens, the HotLogic Mini has a plug coming out of the back of the pack, you just plug it in about 1.5 to 2 hours before you are ready to go to lunch and it slowly heats up your meal.

Usually around 10am of the day I am in the office, I plug it in and as I work, it sits on my desk and heats up my meal, by 11:30 or noon, when I head off to lunch, it is piping hot, and I do mean hot. You need to be very careful when taking your container out of the pack, it it hot! The food is steaming hot and it is a fantastic lunch, one that I made, didn’t have to wait in line for and didn’t have to put in a nasty crusty dirty stinky microwave.

Now I mentioned putting your food in a container, for me, I use a Pyrex dish or bowl if I have soup, but the instructions say you can use a plastic dish, like a Rubbermaid or even just put a frozen dinner in right in the box it come in.  So that is great as well.  The only thing that could be improved is the power cord is a little short if you are at a standard office desk in a cubical where the plug are down near the floor.  I did buy a 3ft extension cord and that solved that issue.

insideSo if you are tired of waiting in line to use the community microwave for lunch, get a Hotlogic Mini, you won’t regret it a bit and you will be amazed how much better your afternoon will go after eating your own self prepared lunch.

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