It’s Not All About Money


As you know I use to be in debt.  Actually, right out of college I got into debt it was a small amount but it was debt.  I paid it all off and I was debt free...for a very short period of time until I started using credit cards again.  Then I got into BIG debt, I owed tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards. From 1986 to roughly 1998 I lived in and with debt.  I avoided answering the phone knowing it was most likely a bill collector.  I sometimes didn't even open my mail...what was the point it was just bills. It wasn't until 1993 or so that I realized just how much debt I had when I attempted to buy a home and was turned down for a mortgage due to my debt to income ratio.  That is when I accepted what I already knew deep down inside, my debt had nothing to do with money. My debt was due to my behavior not due to my lack of ... [ Read More ]