Debt and the Company You Keep


You have heard "your only as good as the company you keep" or "Birds of a feather flock together, "A smart man surrounds himself with smart people", "If you hang around with trash, you will be seen as trash." These sayings are usually a different way of saying you are judged by your friends or those you hang around with.  Many times, especially to children or young adults we say these sayings to insure they pick the right friends.  Let's face it, if our kids are hanging around known drug dealers chances are others will assume your kid is either doing drugs or dealing drugs, true or not, guilt by association. So how does this all relate to you and the debt you have?  Actually in two ways. Keep Up With The Joneses If you are in debt and you are hanging around others who are in debt, you will most likely stay in debt.  You aren't ... [ Read More ]