Going Poor Eating

Food. We all need it to survive, some love it so much they define themselves as a foodie, others truly just eat to survive. Over the last several months I have failed terribly at bringing my lunch to work on the days when I am not working out of my home. I have not excuse.  Sure, I can say I have been busy, tired, but really even on a good day I am busy and get tired. The fact of the matter is I just have not made preparing my lunch a priority. Even though I have not been preparing and bringing my own lunch, I still need to eat.  My second confession of failure, I haven't been eating well, I have been running out to fast food for lunch. That's right, Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy's to name a few. Now, this post isn't about the health factor, or in this case the lack their of, of the meals chosen. No, this post is about how eating ... [ Read More ]