Get Rich By Educating Yourself


Becoming wealthy is not about the amount of money you make. Stop laughing, it is true, as soon as you stop thinking you are going to gain wealth by making more then the quicker you will gain wealth. You get rich from educating yourself. You must learn how to manage your money, discipline yourself with money, learn how to invest your money. Education is the key to becoming wealthy. Now I can guarantee if you have a loser type thought process you just tuned out and probably left this page. That is why 90% of America is poor and/or living paycheck to paycheck….most people are lazy and don’t want to learn. Face it, we all want that pie in the sky idea of the “get rich quick” solution. One tenth of one percent of people stumble onto that quick solution. Of those that do “get rich quick” say the lottery winner, historically loose all there ... [ Read More ]